Our Programs

BLOSSOM NURSERY SCHOOL AND DAY CARE is enthusiastically working hard in the field of child care. We at BLOSSOM along with our warm and caring staff are happy to tell you more about programs at blossom nursery school and day care

We all are familiar with the fact that early childhood care plays very significant part in social and emotional development of your child. We understand the effect of our care in your child’s life. So we are proudly providing child care for children between the ages of three months to ten years (3 month-10 year)

We provide breakfast, lunch, and milk along with evening snakes to the kids at BLOSSOM.

We know that every kid needs special attention .We are keen to form bond with them that helps in their communication with us. Kids at Blossom day Care center are always exited to meet us on daily basis.

Blossom Day Care time: 8AM-8PM

Nursery school is the need for children. We all know that we can't run without knowing how to walk. Blossom Nursery School is working on the principle that makes learning fun. We prepare your child for kindergarten as well as future school. We make your child’s base for future education.

At Blossom Nursery School we develop your kid's inner skills that helps in positively impact on child's personality. Our School is activity based and kids enjoy it to the fullest.

We at Blossom provide following type of education
Play group: Activity based
Nursery school: Activity and education that makes foundation for future schooling.

Blossom Nursery School Time: 9:30AM-11:30AM

We at BLOSSOM, would love to welcome your kids for following programs

Junior kindergarten (JKG/jr.kg.)

Age limit for JKG is 4 year-5 year.
This helps in developing social personal relationship in children.
It also help in increasing knowledge of kids by use of playful technique

Senior Kindergarten (SKG/sr.kg.)

Age limit for SKG is 5 years- 6years
We use easy and interesting syllabus to make them ready for future school
We work hard to make learning enjoyable at BLOSSOM