Gauri Barkund: Proprietor

Qualified with M.Com and Diploma in Computer Management with Distinction and with a first class in NCFM exams and started my career with India Bulls Securities Ltd as a CDE for over 2 years definitely got high both in professional and personal life. However, at the same time my burning desire to do something in the field of Child care always urged me to step into the shoes of a responsible mother to take care of your little ones when you are away...and thus blossomed "BLOSSOM" in October 2010.

Starting with just a handful of kids, we now have over 30 kids happily coming to Blossom every morning.
The friendly and pleasing personality of the staff definitely helps in breaking the ice with the kids and helps them feel at home.
At Blossom every parent can be rest assured that their ward in in safe, healthy and encouraging environment.